When the weather is adverse we fight against the elements, we all try to be patient and solve cases one by one. EasyStay is here to help you. If you need something extra, such as a blanket or if you are in an emergency, from check-in to check-out we are at your complete disposal. In case of extreme weather conditions we will try to help you as much as possible.

It is possible for night temperatures to be low, especially in spring and fall; bring heavy pajamas and a sleeping bag.

If it rains, or will rain, do not let any objects inside the tent touch the walls, because you will create a stream of water. Water always finds the shortest way to our possessions.

During thunderstorms, some tents may experience water seepage.
While we will make every effort to find a solution, such as relocating you or providing a different tent, it’s important to keep in mind that our accommodations are tents and therefore subject to the unpredictability of weather conditions.

Wind can break the tent, if this happens we will try, as much as possible, to move you to another tent or change the damaged part.

In Switzerland in recent times, daytime temperatures have been rising, by mid-morning you cannot sleep in a tent or in the shade. One must be aware that it is summer in Switzerland.

Always check the weather before the event!