About Us

EasyStay was created with the goal of offering something different and innovative. For groups, in pairs or alone. Those who choose the EasyStay solution conveniently reserve their spot within the campground from home, arrive on site with peace of mind and reduced luggage, settle into the tent within the reserved area to enjoy the festival offerings in the immediate vicinity.

We treat you as you wish to be treated!

We are a motivated team and our goal is to make you have a good experience with comfort almost like home. We are committed to showing love for our planet through our EasyStay service, which not only offers a convenient and easy option for outdoor accommodations but also prioritizes sustainability. Our tents have been thoughtfully selected for their quality and re-usability, making them suitable for a veriety of events and minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our solution offers an excellent alternative to disposable tents and camping materials that are often left behind as waste. By promoting conscious usage and respect for nature, we can help reduce the accumulation of tons of waste and material debris.